Digitize your equity stack

Equity is the most valuable resource in any startup. Digitize, Secure and Manage your Cap Table and ESOPs for free with MyStartupEquity

Why use MyStartupEquity

A full stack platform to manage your cap table, create and roll out your ESOPs and facilitate ESOP liquidity for your team, supports India, USA and Singapore Startups.

Cap Table

Create your cap table in a few minutes
Go paperless with digital share certificates signed with DSC
Store accurate fundraise documentation in a secure vault
Use our tools for Round and Exit modelling
One-click conversions of convertible instruments like CCD, Convertible Notes
Advanced features for annual reports and filings
Easy sharing with investors

ESOP Management

Create and customise your ESOP policy using our open source templates and ESOP generator
Migrate from existing systems and roll out your ESOP plan in minutes
Digitally signed grant letters for efficiency
Manage vesting, exercise and exits for tens to 1000s of employees
Transparency for employees: Showcase milestones, valuation upticks and tax computation
Manage Expense Reports and custom analytics from one dashboard
Retain talent with targeted content and workshops

ESOP Liquidity

An easy way to translate ESOPs into real wealth for your team
Customise and plan periodic liquidity events
Founder, HR, CFO and the board have full control of deciding the details
This protocol has been endorsed by India’s top VCs
Connect with high fidelity and select investors
Investors come in via a single cap table entry
A tax neutral solution

We Take Data Security Seriously

At MyStartupEquity your information is always in your control. We are compliant with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management.
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Our Customers

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Hear From Our Customers

“Thanks to MyStartupEquity, we are able to manage our ESOPs seamlessly. Not only is the product extremely user-friendly but also the price point is compelling. Moreover, their highly competent team caters to customer queries promptly”
Barat Vinayakan, CHRO
"MyStartupEquity offers two major value propositions - complete transparency for all stakeholders including employees & investors and automation of redundant & manual HR tasks. The product truly digitizes the entire equity stack"
Nishant Prasad, Manager - Legal

Our Partners

Knowledge Hub

In-depth and curated information on Cap Table and ESOPs
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Can ESOPs help startups survive the downturn?
Abhiraj Bhal, co-founder of Urban Company explains why they chose to have equated annual vesting, an exercise price of a rupee & have already created two liquidity events for their team!
Employees and Equity Generation
Jiten Gupta, founder of Jupiter Money addresses the issue of hiring the early start up team & why he chose Stock Appreciation Rights instead of ESOPs…
Think of ESOPs as a boon and not a bane!
TN Hari, HR Head of Big Basket talks about the framework to arrive at the ideal size of ESOP Pool, exercise price & getting the communication on ESOPs right…


MyStartupEquity’s #LetsTalkESOP campaign is a movement to rally together employees, founders, CFOs, HR and investors to engage in a sustained dialogue on ESOPs and co-create best practises which can benefit the Indian startup ecosystem
Mohandas Pai
Mohandas Pai "It is high-time that decision-makers look at enabling liquidity mechanisms for startup employees in a transparent manner"
subrata Mitra
Subrata Mitra, Accel "Initiatives such as this are necessary to create greater awareness around ESOP liquidity, which will lead to creating great start-ups."
Abhiraj Bhal
Abhiraj Bhal, Urban Clap "If built the right way, MyStartupEquity will be a boon for the startup ecosystem. It will help drive fairness in periodic liquidity."
Anupam Mittal
Anupam Mittal, Shaadi.com "A fair ESOP design and liquidity program can help companies attract top talent and succeed in the long term."
Kunal Bahl
Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal "As a game-changer, MyStartupEquity will educate people about the true value of ESOPs and hence contribute to building successful businesses"
Alok Bansal
Alok Bansal, PolicyBazar "An ESOP management tool such as MyStartupEquity can be extremely lucrative in aligning team members with the organizational roadmap"