What makes our product unique


Easy to Use

Roll out a new ESOP (employee stock option) plan in minutes and grant ESOP to your key employees

Most secure

Data encrypted at rest in the DB, allows custom encryption key that you can set using AWS KMS

Indian compliance

Easily handle all the compliance requirements with ROC/MCA, Accounting, Valuation etc

Employee Access

Now your key employees can easily see their grants, vesting dates, valuation upticks if any and feel truly benefited


Use our open-source version of the ESOP plan. Customize it for your needs using our trusted and startup budget friendly panel

Manage Captable

Create your captable the right way and in minutes, keep it up-to-date after each funding round, share it with investors (if you like)

What founders think about our product

Pulkit Agarwal
CEO, Trell
We believe that managing and offering ESOP is a very crucial part of retaining the top talent in a startup. However, as founders, you will find it very difficult to streamline and keep employees up-to-date with the execution of policies in a simplified way. LetsVenture's easy and simple tool will add a lot of value to not just us but all other startups in the ecosystem.
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LetsVenture is India's largest and most trusted platform for startup funding. In the last 6 years, we have enabled 190 fundraises worth $81.5M

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Backed by Accel, Chiratae Ventures, Nandan Nilekani, Sharad Sharma, Anupam Mittal, Ratan Tata, Mohandas Pai, we aim to bring transparency and efficiency in the Indian Startup ecosystem. Our LV Titans platform has activated over 127 Family Offices into making investments in Startups & VC Funds.