Open source ESOP scheme document
Carefully curated & crafted with practitioners with years of expertise in ESOPs. You can use these templates to get started on your ESOP design journey. The appendix section of this open source policy also contains templates for: Grant letters, Exercise forms & Nomination forms (Only for Startups registered in India).
*This document is intended to be used by startups for guidance purposes....Read More
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#LetsTalkESOP | Founders speak
Abhiraj Bhal
Co-founder, Urban Company
"Urban Company has created substantial value for its employees through ESOPs, conducting three secondary sales in less than six years for existing employees worth nearly $8mn. We believe a robust, employee-friendly ESOP programme is one of the pivotal pillars in attracting and retaining talent and building team morale. We now want to extend this framework to budding entrepreneurs and lend a helping hand in their entrepreneurial journey."
Sanjay Jha
Co-founder & CPO, MyStartupEquity
"Talent is the most important growth driver for a startup. Therefore, it’s not only important to attract top talent but also to retain and reward them and we have seen ESOPs play a very important role here. We are happy to collaborate with Urban Company in developing this ESOP framework which helps startups in India adopt not only an employee friendly policy but also addresses the interests from the company’s side as well."

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